Mark Lesly Smith

Mark Lesly Smith, PhD is a visual artist with gifts in language and leadership. His varied career has included fine arts administration and teaching at Southwestern University, University of Texas at Austin, and Herron School of Art & Design at Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis. 

He co-founded Flatbed Press, in Austin, Texas, and co-authored Flatbed Press at 25, published by University of Texas Press in 2016, and is the author of several other books about 20th century and contemporary American art.​

He is a native of the Texas Red River Valley and is a student of the collision of Southern and Western cultures that characterizes that region.​

A scholar of the American artist, Robert Rauschenberg, he currently divides his time between studio work, and the writing of a novela, and a memoir tracing the profound influence of Rauschenberg on the author’s life and art.