To Blanco With Love, a video.

Thank you to Aman Johnson who came out to our last opening and helped us put into words (and images) how we feel about getting to know this community. Aman is an Austin video producer and owner of Johnson Media Co.

Live Oak Tree, Plum Creek, Texas

Kate Breakey

I wake up to three fawns jumping

Barbra Riley

Lone Tree and Road

Amanda Smith

On exhibition at our gallery currently is Shades of Light, a group show with four women photographers as well as a few of our favorite sculptors, painters, and printmakers. This exhibition celebrates our second anniversary, and we hope that you can come see the work if you haven't had a chance yet, and let us thank you in person for two great years here. We're open by appointment and invite you to visit most anytime. Let us know when you might like to drop in! We're keeping refreshments in the gallery fridge if you're in the mood to relax and visit.