Sandra Langston



The artist has lived in Basilicata, Italy, since 1982.  Her husband is from Bernalda, their small town, and her sons were born and raised here.  She travels frequently between Italy and Texas, where she graduated from the University of Texas in 1980. She came to Italy in order to work with the UT Classics department, excavating and doing reconstructions from 1982 until 1990, studying paleolithic to Greek to Roman sites in the far south of Italy. 

She works in oils, pencil, and various mixed media techniques, as well as ceramic.  Never one to be satisfied with one category, her subjects range from landscape to narrative to still life. Much of her inspiration comes from her area of far southern Italy, but her family history and need for humor have also shaped her choice of subject matter in her narrative work. 

She has a blog about her life at