Amanda Wood



Amanda Wood spent her formative years living overseas with her parents, absorbing art and culture from the Tropics, the Middle East and the Far East. As a result of living in foreign countries, color, texture and communication are very important in her work. You’ll also see undertones of her deep appreciation for ancient wisdom and archetypal symbols that transcend generations and cultures. Settling in North Texas in the ’80s and later earning her Bachelor's degree in Fine Art/Design from the University of North Texas in 1995, Amanda worked as a Graphic Designer in Dallas for many years.  

After taking a few years off to start a family in Austin, she launched her Fine Art career in 2011. Sculpting in ceramic clay was quite fulfilling and allowed for a great deal of expression through form, texture and color. But eventually, she found there were limits to what the ceramic clay would allow her to accomplish. Now, in addition to sculpting in ceramic clay, she casts sculptures in bronze which gives her a great deal of freedom. This freedom allows her to create elegant, dynamic work that would be far too delicate in any other medium. At present, Amanda sculpts in a beautiful studio at home just west of Houston and works closely with Deep In The Heart Art Foundry in Bastrop for casting the work in bronze.

Using classical allegory with loose references to Renaissance art and sculpture, Amanda blends ethereal, dream-like qualities and archetypal symbols to communicate and layer a sometimes haunting, yet simple message floating in a realm of austerity and truth. Amanda’s respect for the great masters of sculpture and painting come through, with a contemporary, narrative and ultimately surreal edge. 

Many of Amanda’s pieces seem to have an illuminated coloring to them. It’s important that they communicate a sense of spiritual presence and light, a universal context for life and energy.