Kevin Tully

No Regrets, 2001-2022
Graphite, pastel, and acrylic on canvas
36 x 48 in
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No Regrets, 2001-2022 This painting, started in 2001, was begun as a tongue-in-cheek exercise, a Saturday morning exorcism – having been asked by, god bless them, decorators, to travel to Greece in my imagination and reproduce the “fabulous” Grecian sunlight and that “stunning” blue found all over the ancient peninsula. It was never finished. Later when expressing bewilderment in a relationship, the painting was tossed and torn. Recently rediscovered, the rip repaired with the words “No Regrets,” it has finally found its place, hit its stride – no regrets over past foibles, apparent mistakes, commitments, promises, visitations, prayers or profanities.